Bearsden photoworks.


Kevin Thomas is the owner/operator at Bearsden Photoworks, a company dedicated to not only capturing your vision, but also providing support to those looking to learn and develop their own photography skills.

As Kev himself says "I've always been interested in music, and more recently theatre, and I'm happiest when I'm able to shoot live music, and performances. I've also made it part of my aim in life to help others looking to learn about photography. If I can help them to get the same buzz out of shooting, I'll be a happy man."

He has also tackled some sensitive subjects in his photography and helped a local organisation, WOW Glasgow, by covering a number of their promotional and charity events.

"Working with Mandie @ WOW Glasgow has been an absolutely amazing and humbling experience. The work that Mandie and her team do in supporting women with hair loss through alopecia and cancer treatments, and the results they achieve is just staggering. I've seen people with low self-esteem walk out with their heads held high, and a new view on life. Truly wonderful"

You can read some of the positive comments that have been sent to Kev at the bottom of the home page.